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General Well-Being

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Hi Darren and Team

I just wanted to send you an email to say thank you for having such a brilliant studio.

I’m sure you get so many emails but you all do such a fantastic job. When I started Bikram 09 months ago , I had   quit smoking  in February which I had tried for many years using patches , tablets , gums etc.

I got to May which is when I joined as I  was starting to think perhaps I should start smoking again as was putting on weight and my anxiety was at an all time high after  researching I thought perhaps bikram  yoga might help.

The decision to do Bikram I believe has helped me to reach my goal  , I can happily say I am still smoke free after 12 months which Is my longest time quitting ever after smoking for almost 10 years ,  I have found a form of exercise I get excited to go to,  before this I had not exercised in over 10 years apart from walking and I feel like I am in such a healthy state mind and body   , I love that there is no judgement and every class is different   .My anxiety is so much better.

All the teachers there are fantastic  and I hope you realise how much your studio helps and what a brilliant team you have.

JHave a great day see you at my next class .   Sally



"Having had a four year break from Bikrams yoga – I had forgotten how good it makes you feel – I am back and can say the results were immediate – the most noticeable result was Sleep - I now know what a really good nights sleep actually feels like. I have so much going on in my head (work, life, love etc – just like we all do) that a full nights sleep was hard to come by, most of the time I would wake up reluctantly when the alarm went off (still tired) – now I go to bed and sleep (deep, peaceful sleep) and wake up before my alarm ready for the day. Anyone with insomnia or sleeping problems should really give Bikrams a shot. I am happier, more balanced and really loving life.
Since coming back one of the most fascinating things is that I now realise the body lets you know which postures you need. I believe that the ones we find the hardest are probably those which we need the most! I used to struggle with postures like triangle (Trikansana) and locust (Salabasana), now they feel good, others which I used to love like Head to knee (Janushirasana) and Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose are really tough. I am really looking forward to seeing the changes in my mind and body in the future. Thanks for getting me back in the hot room." - Noemi Guyer

"Having completed about 5 or 6 classes i visited the gym to find that the weights i could lift had dramatically increased - i had become stronger!! amazing!! i believe this is due to some neurological improvement caused by spinal alignment exercises and perhaps also the increase in grip strength which is sometimes a limiting factor whilst lifting heavy weights! So, thank you very much!!" - JM

"My friend kept nagging me to come to Bikram Yoga for nearly two years, and of course I kept making excuses!, so one day I agreed to go, I was told what to bring and what to expect, well almost everything!. I walked in the room then walked back out of the room to confront my friend to say what the *#?! are you doing to me!! Its so hot in there, she led me back in and encouraged me to just try it and keep an open mind. After my 3rd class I announced its not for me but I will use up the 10 day trial offer. My 6th class I began to enjoy the stretching and heat and I loved the way I felt after class. To cut a long story short, I love it, I am hooked, I try to practise at least 3-5 times a week and have been practising for 7mths now. I am slimmer, stronger. focused, determined, happier, healthier and generally a more grounded person, I have passion for life again which I found by coming to the "Hot Room"! The magic that happens in the room is taken outside with me and I deal with stressfull situations alot calmer and I dont let the stress get the better of me, I have a everythings going to be OK and a positive outlook on life now! I dont notice the dog poo on the path anymore, I see the blue of the sky and colour of the flowers and hey isn't that a beautiful tree, more importantly than anything I am a better mother for it." - ST

"Prior to Bikram Yoga I had done the occasional class of various other types of yoga, but never was a devotee of anyone style in particular and yoga was simply an effective stretching session. I discovered Bikram yoga a few years ago now and must admit I was drawn to an idea of ‘extreme yoga’ The thought of the hot room made yoga seem like a challenge and was a welcome addition to a range of other ‘extreme’ pursuits like marathons, triathlons etc. For three years I would sometimes make it to three classes a week, or just one class a month. Late last year I was a broken down runner. Years of running mileage and old injuries combined to reduce me to walking home after any short run. I was seeing a chiropractor who prescribed a stretching regime with three pages of illustrations. Realising that many of the stretch positions were similar to Bikram yoga I resolved to do more. I was given the Bikram 60 Day Challenge as a gift. (I hinted pretty heavily) What a remarkable nine weeks. A real rollercoaster ride of swirling emotions, physical fatigue and growing wellbeing. In the third week I was able to achieve a posture that I never thought possible. For years I would watch people around me in class in Toe Stand, and think ‘not with these old pins mate’ The day that I got Toe Stand I had an incredible euphoric rush, the joy of discovering something new about yourself at forty two years of age. I was buzzing like a kid who had just learned to ride a bike. After the 60 Day Challenge I saw the chiro one last time. He told me that I had done the equivalent of two years twice-a-week chiro treatment, in two months. A great joy for me has always been my running, and my running is back. Thank you Bikram" - JB

"After discovering the joys of bikram yoga practice some years ago, i now incorporate it into my regular ironman triathlon training schedule - for strength, flexibility and mental concentration. i always come out of the room feeling like the day is my friend and the world is an opportunity!" - Naomi

"As a wedding co-coordinator, my life day to day is running around helping and dealing with couples who are nervous about their big day, my mind is always racing. Since I started bikram yoga, not only has it given me strength and fitness but it's helped me discipline myself and calm my mind! Birkam yoga is the way to go!" - NT

"I started training when I got back from Italy 2 years ago with serious liver and digestion problems from all the great wine and over indulgent feasting. Bikram has changed me in a physical sense but more so mentally with so much more focus and being present in the moment. The focus I have on myself and my mind that I have in the hot room is indescriable as I just don't need to think." - CVM

"Hi Darren,
Thank you for your encouraging email.
I know you probably get many messages from your students telling you how much they love Bikram Yoga etc, well, here’s another one! I have had an amazing journey with Bikram over the last month. I have made some massive changes to my life and my outlook on things has improved dramatically.
I started the challenge 2 days after my ‘newcomer 10 class pass’ expired. Considering I have never really pushed myself I am very proud of my accomplishments so far! I still have 9 classes to go and am really looking forward to marking off the 30th class. (This is coming from someone who has never looked forward to exercise!)
I have really enjoyed every class, even the ones I’ve struggled with. I find that I learn something new in every class, wether it be about the posture, about yoga, about the teachers (the stories about your Grandfather are Gold!), and especially about myself.
I love seeing myself grow & change both inside & out. And, it is extremely encouraging when my loved ones tell me they can see me growing (and glowing)!
So, thank you for creating such a beautiful space where someone like me can grow their wings." - Marija

Injury Recovery

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"Just wanted to drop you a line as a testimonial to the wonderful art of Bikram Yoga. Nine months ago I suffered a reasonably severe break to my shoulder (four fractures in total). Even though I avoided an operation (not sure how) this left me immobile and in a sling for 6 weeks. As a result of the whole fiasco I suffered the further condition of a ‘frozen shoulder’ (obviously the break wasn’t enough) and the doctors gave me 9 month time frame at best for complete recovery on that alone. As you can imagine this made my subsequent physio almost impossible and at best...very very slow.
About 4 months prior to my broken shoulder I had taken a ‘Darren’s Birthday Special of a 12 months membership, so I decided to put it to work. Between the specialist, the physiotherapist and myself the outcome of 95% recovery has been realised in record time with all of us completely amazed at that recovery. I have no doubt that Bikram played the biggest part in the overall recovery. It has been a hard slog and I suspect it is not over just yet, however, I am sure that without Bikram I would no doubt still be sitting around the 50% mark of recovery Of course the physical is only a portion of the recovery and I believe that Bikram had and continues to have a huge impact on the mental/emotional state during recovery as well as everyday functioning. Thanks a whole bunch for the effort, understanding and patience of the Bikram team " - Ann-Marie

"I had my first caesarean section in 2006 which resulted in a keloid scar that remained red, raw and angry looking for two and a half years. It was replaced by a new scar, after my second caesarean section in 2009. This scar also remained raw, red and raised in the same lumpy fashion that is equated with keloid scaring - again it remained in this state for several years, never seeming to getting lighter or less inflamed looking.After the first three months of practicing bikram yoga I noticed the scar had started to flatten at either end of the scar. It had also paled to a pale pink/white colour. The mid section of the scar remained the same, raised, red and lumpy. As I continued with bikram I noticed the scar seemed to be healing from the outside to the middle. Finally their was only the tiniest section of unhealed scar that remained, right in the middle. Eventually that went pale pink and whilst it is still raised, it's no longer raw or red. I fully expect it will flatten as the rest of the scar has in time. This result, frankly, I've found quite remarkable."  Susanna


Back & Neck Issues

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Due to a herniated disc I have been pain in a daily bases for almost two years. Whoever has the same problem knows what I am talking about. You think about pain when you walk, when you sit, when you talk..  life can get pretty tough in that condition.

I started to do Bikram because a couple of friends recommended it to me. They told me that all their shoulders, low back and knee pains were gone after a few weeks of practice. I could not believe it, but It was easy to find out.

It took me a couple of weeks to get used to the exercises, but I could feel my body different from the very first day. After a few weeks more of practice, I can see my back pain IS GONE. Actually, you get used so quick to NOT FEEL PAIN AT ALL, that you may not remember how bad was before.

Anyway, the only think I can say is TRY IT. Your life will change. Feel free to ring Darren if you want to talk to me about how do I felt before and after, so you can be sure this is not sort of a marketing testimonial.

- Ivan L.

"I told Daz today that the sessions are getting harder. It is obvious to me that I am going more deeply into the work - and I enjoy it. Most importantly though I recall having recurrent back trouble as result of an injury sustained some 25 years ago. At times I would get a pain in my lower left back just from vacuuming (yes some men do that, too, for love or money). Could not even put on socks without pain for days. Since Bikrams' though I have not had even a minor jab of any kind. I feel just great as a result of this training. And to think that I got onto it by pure co-incidental meeting Daz.
About 12 months ago, I had been suffering back, neck and shoulder pain which had been gradually getting worse over many months. For ages I put this down to my job as a fitness instructor teaching about 10 aerobics classes a week and running the bay 3 or 4 times. Physios, massage, heat packs, cold packs, anti-inflammatories, osteopaths, chiropractors and even podiatrists were all part of attempting to get relief. What relief? Some. Temporary. Certainly not long lasting. Little, if any! Then finally I resorted to x-rays only to find out that I have scoliosis and compression fractures of two of my thoracic vertebrae! Any wonder I didn’t feel right. Knowing that put a quick stop to any high impact activities – but what now? Every practitioner I saw said I needed to increase my flexibility – do Yoga they said! Me? Do yoga? Ha! I’d tried it before and apart from getting my chakras realigned I didn’t get much out of it.
I also need to keep my back strong without doing many weights at the gym (sounds sort of contradictory right..) plus I need to be flexible, but the nature of my spine meant limited mobility and range of movement (again, contradictions...)! Then some friends convinced me to try Bikram Yoga. OH MY. I felt sick in the first 30 minutes. I ached all over. My muscles burned. I was exhausted. I felt it for days after. How could a personal trainer be so crap at a form of exercise? But I persevered. If there’s one message I teach all my clients, it’s “Consistency is the key to success”. So I went back, it hurt a little less. I went back again. It hurt even less. I went back again. I needed to challenge myself and get through it without having to leave the room. The heat is now welcoming. I started looking forward to the sweat. And if you hear people talk about the ‘Bikram buzz’ you get after class… yep it’s real.
Not that I’m a competitive type (oh alright – just a little) but I became so focussed on doing all 26 asanas (and 2 breathing exercises) as best I could, I didn’t pay attention to what was happening to my physiology. Then it occurred to me that over about 3 months of regular practice my spine was more mobile, I rarely get back or neck pain now, and other aspects of life started to benefit. I sleep better, I can focus way better when it’s needed, and life just seems a little more chilled. Maybe that’s just my chakras...I’ve been practicing Bikram for just over a year now. My exercise regime is dramatically different to what it used to be. But, Bikram is now apart of it and always will be. If you’re unsure of it, try it. What do you have to lose? What’s a little sweat and 90 minutes of your time in the big scheme of things? But be consistent. Don’t just do it once and make your decision. Be fair and give your body a fair chance to feel what it’s like to be flexible and strong. Your chakras will thank you." - Adam McDowell

Now Pain Free

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"Two main things I have observed in the time that I have been doing Bikram Yoga is that niggling pain I felt in my right knee in the medial ligament has decreased to no pain at all & this is the first winter for years that I haven't had the pain. Also my right arm in the elbow joint through to the wrist had been extremely sore for a few months at the start of me doing yoga & that has also now completely pain free. I have been going to Yoga once or twice a week for about one year & it's the best thing I have done for my body. Not only that I have also toned my body & can see the difference." - Yoginini - Kathryn

Rheumatoid Arthritis

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"Since 1999 I've been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. For some years I could deal with the pain and get on with life. At times it was great, times it was low. Mid 2005 I could barely walk. I was bedridden and had been for a while. Then one day a family member had kept telling me "try yoga", "you know you really should do yoga, it could help" ect. I kept listening and never really thought about it. Then one day she said "that’s it, come on" dragged me from bed. Then they Drove me to the Bikram Yoga in Darlinghurst.
I remember my first Bikram class. I think every body does. But mine was different. I could barley walk. Then I had the stairs. When i eventually got to the top I barley could walk. I promise you. it was a rush to get to the class. i got in. i never can forget this. the teacher came up and said put your legs together. i said i couldn't and explained. at the end of what seemed the longest 90 minutes of my life. I eventually got to Savasna (when you lye down and soak in the benefits of the class, at the end). The teacher said "to all the newcomers’ congratulations on completing your first class. The best thing to do is to come back here tomorrow. See you next time in the hot room. Namaste" Then the whole class repeated "Namaste" and I mumbled softly after them, to myself: "must stay" I had no idea what they said!!
That night I had the best sleep I had had in a while. the next morning I called my family member and said we have to go again. and so she picked me up and we went together. Day three I started walking. I started doing postures better. After about a month of practicing everyday. My skin was radiant, my digestive system normal. I was a new person. I felt like I was living life. And I was. Pain free. My walking got better and I slowly started to form muscles in places I never knew existed. My pain had completely gone. Amazing!! And I owe it to My Family member for dragging me to my first class. Above all I owe it to incredibly benevolent Daz and the Hard working team at Bikram Yoga Darlinghurst." - No longer suffering and walking Bikramist

Weight Loss

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"Hi Darren, just wanted to let you know that I have now lost 13 kilos in 3 months and come off my Blood pressure medication since doing Bikram at least twice a week." - Catherine Wade



Bikram Darlinghurst Teachers,

Thought I'd share with you my 30 day challenge success!

I started my first Bikram session ten days before the 30 day challenge begun. I was a regular smoker, and I'd only set foot in a gym once in 5 years (and hated it). I never really exercised but my housemate came home from her first Bikram session and loved it, so I thought I'd give it a go. I had to sit down before we'd even got to the first water break as I felt so dizzy. I felt so relaxed afterwards though, and telling my friends that I'd been to yoga (especially as they knew how unfit I was) were awesome perks! 

At the end of my pass, I decided to try out the 30 day challenge… and I don't think that I realised what I was getting myself into. It was more that I wanted to keep going, and the challenge was coincidently starting at the same time. I was also embarrassed that I was still battling through the first breathing exercises (I could only get to 3 counts of six when breathing out the h-ah sound).

During my first 30 day class, Jordan had told us to take a photograph before and after the challenge had finished to see the results. I kept weighing myself throughout the challenge, but my weight hadn't changed. What I had noticed that I was sleeping better than I had in five years. I'm normally quite stressed and I've battled to sleep through the night without waking up multiple times for years. I had tried 3 types of heavy prescription sleeping pills and herbal types too, but nothing had worked. For the first time in years, I slept through the night almost every night for the whole month -- and I didn't change a thing in my lifestyle or eating, except that I was going to yoga.

I hadn't noticed any changes to my body, until I finished my challenge. After my final class, I took another shot and I could literally see the results  -- my body shape is different! I honestly couldn't be happier with the changes that have happened, not only to my body but I'm so much more relaxed and sleeping much better! You guys are all such legends -- massive, huge thank you to all of you! 


Sophie Le Couteur 



Bikram Yoga Centre Sydney

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Just a quick email to thank you and all the teachers at Bikram Yoga Darlinghurst for fantastic classes. About 3 weeks ago I spent 5 days in Sydney and got a travel pass and practised Bikram everyday; I found the Darlinghurst studio very welcoming and professional and I thoroughly enjoyed the classes.
I have no hesitation in recommending the studio so any of my friends who may visit and if I am ever in Sydney again I shall no doubt visit the studio.
Kind regards" - Victoria Wan, Northampton - UK

"Dear Darren and the entire team at Darlinghurst Bikram,
Its been a LONG time since I've been to Bikram at Darlinghurst so you may not remember me. I've been living in London and I feel that I need to let you know how much I miss Bikram at darlo! I have been to 3 different studios in London.. Old st. (east), Kentish Town (North) and I have finally settled at the newly opened studio in Primrose Hill. Although I still love Bikram yoga here in London, I now realise how unique and special the culture and environment is at darlo. The minute you step off the busy sydney streets you find your self in this sanctuary full of relaxing, positive and loving energy. I have yet to find a similar experience anywhere in London. I miss the friendly staff and local students, and the seriousness and respect for the bikram traditions. The quality of the teaching and the commitment from the students is far beyond anything here in London.
I really cant wait for the moment I step back into your sanctuary... I am coming home in December so not too long now!" - Christina

"Thank you Bikram team. It is now 18 months since I started on a ten day pass. I kept thinking I was too old and too fat to be doing this - I seemed to be the worst in the class - and couldn't explain to myself why my body seemed to be craving to go. Every class is different, every time something new happens in my body and mind. It is the place I go when i have an issue that needs resolving - answers just pop up. It is hard to keep bullshitting yourself when you are working on surviving through the heat and physical stress - it absolutely pares you down to your core. So thank you - the place feels great and has a wonderful driving force in Darren. - Regards Maria

"Hey Daz, So this Thursday it will be eight years since I first walked into the hot room at Darlinghurst. You were the teacher on my first day. I thought I was pretty tough, with my marathons and everything. I thought it would be easy! ... It was everything but easy. Since that day I've left your school and returned to it a few times - always welcome. Each time I walk out of the room I'm a little changed. Big discoveries are made in those rooms! Every time I get injured running I return to yoga for the healing, it's pretty effective like that. And like my body becomes fixed, so do my mental and emotional spheres. They are not as measurable as my ankles or knees but the proof is in my life and how it moves in different directions because I am practising strongly. There's no higher proof than that change. So *thanks* - for helping me to discover where I'm going, who I'll be; for your humour and your energy.

Dear Daz,
I can't express how lucky I am to find this studio and practice bikram yoga. I am loving it so much now that I don’t have to think twice whether or not I should do it. Not only the location is superb, but the teachers are amazing and inspirational ! Your dialogue went into my brain so much that I absorbed pretty much everything that you said, because they all make sense in real life ! I really like your class because you are such an entertainer ! :)
All teachers at Darlinghurst Studio are AWESOME, but these teachers are some highlights because I often do their classes (must be because of the evening time slots)
Jen, Thanks so much for encouraging me to do the 30 days challenge ! That was my first time doing it and without your encouragement, I wouldn’t have done it because I have no intention to do it at all.
Wow! it changed my body and me as a person. Not only my body has become more flexible, but I found that my postures are getting stronger too ! I have become more focused and more determined. I tend not to waste energy for unnecessary things and I apply this in real life. You are such a bubbly person ! and that makes you such a lovable and favorite character.
Dorothy & Emma, For some reason, I tend to smile a lot more in your class ! Must be the way you lead the class. I always feel great and calmer :-)
And Jane, Wow - I don’t know why, but in your class, I feel that I’m putting twice the effort, twice the concentration, twice the focus and strength. You have great impact on me :-)
Thanks teachers for all your effort and energy. Namaste ! - Imelda

Transform Your Life

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From Oprah Winfrey's Website

Can You Transform Your Whole Life in 60 Days?

She's 80 pounds overweight, divorced, out of work, and deeply in debt. She needs a physical and spiritual overhaul. Can 60 days in a Bikram hot-yoga studio really undo years of damage?
By Paige Williams

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