Yoga Etiquette

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There are a few things that will enhance your experience at our school.

FRONT ROW: The front row is where you will find the most experienced students. If you are in the front row we expect you to lead by example. You need to be very focused and still. Not diving for your water, not wiping sweat. Your postures do not need to be perfect but we need for you to have a general understanding of the series.

NO TALKING IN CLASS: The yoga room is a quite place. We ask that you keep your conversations outside the room. Many students having arrived from a busy day at work are looking just to lay down and be still before class starts.

WATER:  We ask that you refrain from drinking water up until the completion of the third posture. The teachers will ask the class at this point if you would like to take some water. After this time you can drink water wherever you like. Please don't consume too much as this may make you feel bloated. Please drink water in beteween the postures.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS:  Please leave personal belongings in changerooms or lockers, not in the reception or waiting areas. If you are on call please inform your teacher.

CLASS STARTS ON TIME: Please arrive at the school with plenty of time to get yourself changed and into class. Latecomers will not be permitted. Newcomers need to be at least 10 minutes early. Check in for Newcomers will close 5 minutes before class.

WHAT TO WEAR: Wear light exercise wear. Something fitted will work better as it does not get in the way. Shorts and T-shirts for guys is normal. Tights or shorts and sports tops for girls is normal.

SWEATING: You will find you will sweat quite a lot. Try to not to wipe the sweat. This is what is keeping  you cool. If you find you sweat alot during class it is approriate to bring a second towel with you into class and change it over when doing the floor series. This will ensure that you do not leave a wet spot where you were practising. 

SHOWERS: Please remember there is usually someone waiting for the shower after you. Please only 2 minutes to rinse your body of sweat. This is not an opportunity to do your full shower routine. Please shaving of the legs.

USED MATS: Please hang your used mats on the stair banister if on Level 2. Remember to not hang your mat on another mat. The mats will air out best when they are not on top of each other.


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