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Student of the Month

Because we have so many great students here we have decided to start a student of the month award.

Each month we will be selecting a student to be acknowledged for their practice.

Each student will be selected taking into account the issues they have faced to continue to practice.

Some physical, others emotional, some just from the sheer consistency and time of practice. You can be assured

that each honoured are true yogis and yoginis. 

As student of the month they will get free access to posture clinic, a month worth of towel

hire and drinks at teacher discounted rate, free mat hire.



February Student of the month 






Brad has been practising at Darlinghurst for 8 years. His practice in this time has been consistent throughout.

So much so he was the first male we have ever invited to participate with the teachers in the

Advance Bikram Yoga Class. I have watched him grow from strength to strength.

In the advanced class he now surpasses me in the depth of some postures which above all

demonstrates the ability to work hard. Let's face it...Brad is no spring chicken but I see him doing

things men 30 years his junior would have difficulty with. Brad is very easy going and demonstrates

all that we require to be the February Student of the Month.

Good on your Brad.


Your first class?

Darlo, Jan 2008. I tagged along with my then girlfriend (now beautiful wife!).

Darren was teaching, and, as I recall, I got his "I'm definitely humiliating you, and you know it, but perhaps

I could also encouraging you?(but probably not)" routine we all enjoy (when it's aimed at someone else).

 Why did you go?

 I was hoping the practice would help speed the recovery of some recent back surgery (it did).

How often do you practice now?

These days I'm 6 classes per week, most weeks

Why do you go?

 1. Initially, it had a lot to do with the fact that it seemed to be ok to produce that much

sweat, yet not be told to please not come back.

2. Later, (naively) my goal was to reach the stage when I would never again feel in a

class like I was an inch away from turning into a human fireball (still waiting on that).

3. Now, partly because my body hurts way too much if I don't do the practice (solving the dilemma of unattainable goal 2),

but most of all because I suck at golf

 What have you learnt from the practice?

 1.  Before you let the Bikram addiction to really take a hold, make sure your partner is the

tolerant, self sufficient, forgiving type (thanks, lovely wifey!)

 2. It's actually possible to get really, really excited about ice water







Are you ready to make a NEW commitment for your health and fitness this Year?

2016 can be YOUR YEAR….

Registration for the February 2016 29 Day Challenge is now open!

Practice every day through the month of February.

The Rules of Engagement

Sign up on or before the 1st of February

There will be a board up at the studio for you to

keep track of your classes. Mark this off daily. You can miss days if you have to.

We don’t mind how you do it -
As long as you do 29 classes in 29 days...safely.

The 29-day challenge is a separate discounted pass
The 29-day challenge is $130 for the month.

Special Deal: Join the Ezidebit Membership and only pay $99 to participate!*

Sign up to the challenge and you will receive FREE mat hire,

1 towel card and five guest passes! Plus… a happier, healthier you!

If you are currently practicing on a pass, we will hold this pass for the month of February.

*The $99 price is for new Ezidebit members only. The term of the membership is a minimum of 3 months.


























Jagar and Jace take on Youtube

Everyone has been asking to see the boys so I have posted some videos on Youtube.

Search Jagar and Jace or follow the links below.   posted 9/8/14   posted 2/7/14    posted 2/7/14 Just posted. 2/3/14 One of my favorites 5/2/14




Teachers Training Apprentice

To assist those students who are thinking about taking their practice to the next level we conduct a teacher training apprenticeship scheme aimed at preparing would be teacher for Bikram's 9 week intensive course. 

As an apprentice you will be required to;

  • attend the advanced class currently reserved for teachers and invited students
  • attend teacher posture clinics where the postures are discussed and dialogue practiced
  • sit in on classes and watch how classes are taught
  • begin learning the required dialogue used in a Bikram yoga class
  • practice at least 4 beginners per week


In return the apprentices will be given;

  • discounted yoga
  • use of the teachers room
  • discounted water/towel purchase


If you are interested in pursuing a career as a Bikram yoga teacher make yourself known to the front desk staff and complete the necessary application form.

We are always looking for great teachers.

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