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Student of the Month

Because we have so many great students here we have decided to start a student of the month award.

Each month we will be selecting a student to be acknowledged for their practice.

Each student will be selected taking into account the issues they have faced to continue to practice.

Some physical, others emotional, some just from the sheer consistency and time of practice. You can be assured that each honoured are true yogis and yoginis.

As student of the month they will get free access to posture clinic, a month worth of towel

hire and drinks at teacher discounted rate, free mat hire.


Mark Valenton



Mark Valenton has been chosen as student of the month for October. Mark is a true Yogi. He has just completed 1 full year of practice in which he completed 376 classes OMG!!! His energy when he comes to school is always bright and cheery and his cheeky personality is always a  pleasure to have around. His practice is exemplary and I am sure if you have ever been near him when in class he will inspire you. Adding to this his winning of the National Bikram Yoga Competition and coming 6th in the International competition and you have an extraordinary man. Well done Mark.


Daz and the Bikram Darlo team



I started yoga 4 years ago as a way to regain my fitness. Working full time had taken it’s toll on
body and I certainly didn’t think I’d ever measure up to the male bravado that was the gym. Much
like most people, I absolutely hated my first class and contemplated never coming back. I was
either clever or downright delirious enough to go back for a second class because I was
determined to make at least two classes out of that 10 day pass #goals. Real high goals.
Three months later, I found that I had lost 13kgs and started to regain control over my health.
I had aimed to maintain a regular practice especially since the health benefits were starting to
become noticeable. Eventually one of my teachers had suggested to consider competitive yoga. I
couldn’t even touch my toes albeit finish a whole class with legs to stand. However, I took on my
first competition more for the challenge than the expectation of any reward. I’ve since been
humbled and honoured to have competed for Australia twice and recently placing 6th at the
international finals.
About a year ago today Darren set out the October 31 day challenge. I thought to myself ‘sure, I’ll
do it in my head but I won't put my name on the board in case I end up clocking 12 classes out of
31 because that would be an epic fail’. I managed 29 (soz but Justin Timberlake was on that
weekend). At that point I thought that it was definitely possible to do it, why not do it again? So I did
31 classes the next month and thought hmm, let’s see if I can do it again. Starting to notice a
pattern here?
Before I knew it, I found that the yoga had been integrated in my daily life not only as a means of
physical exercise but also a mental and emotional respite from the daily grind. What I didn’t
anticipate was the ease for a daily practice to happen once I allowed myself to do it. Now don't get
me wrong, there were definitely days when I’d have rather long sessions with Netflix or taking
beach selfies at Bondi. I had taken all aspects of my life in moderation and I found that I was able
to make time for all of this in equal measures. I’m always reminded in class to do the yoga and
everything else will come. A year on and so far I’ve managed 376 classes. Much the same reason
as what I had set out to do initially, it was a challenge that I kept for myself, never for any
recognition or any accolade and certainly not for any criticism.
After all this, what I know for sure is this: you find what drives you and give it your best shot. Far
and away there’s not a bigger reward than the chance to work hard at work that’s worth doing.











Far infrared Heat Panels

So to combat the cold winter days we have added Infrared heat panels to a section of the yoga room.

The panels emit an infra-red wave light that is not visible to the naked eye.

The heat is a infra red light not to be confused with a UV light.

The panels will heat your body rather than convection heating which relies on heating the air.

I have installed the panels only on one side of the room so that those who love the heat can get their "fix", while those that do not can

find refuge in the other parts of the room. The heat panels provide a very localised heating effect.

Come and try them out.

The panels have been specifically made for hot yoga rooms and have been tuned to emit a very soft heat.

These are the latest technology and unlike heat panels of the past that delivered raw heat these are a very specific frequency.

Let me know your feedback For more information click here


Jagar and Jace take on Youtube

Everyone has been asking to see the boys so I have posted some videos on Youtube.

Search Jagar and Jace or follow the links below.   posted 9/8/14   posted 2/7/14    posted 2/7/14 Just posted. 2/3/14 One of my favorites 5/2/14




Teachers Training Apprentice

To assist those students who are thinking about taking their practice to the next level we conduct a teacher training apprenticeship scheme aimed at preparing would be teacher for Bikram's 9 week intensive course. 

As an apprentice you will be required to;

  • attend the advanced class currently reserved for teachers and invited students
  • attend teacher posture clinics where the postures are discussed and dialogue practiced
  • sit in on classes and watch how classes are taught
  • begin learning the required dialogue used in a Bikram yoga class
  • practice at least 4 beginners per week


In return the apprentices will be given;

  • discounted yoga
  • use of the teachers room
  • discounted water/towel purchase


If you are interested in pursuing a career as a Bikram yoga teacher make yourself known to the front desk staff and complete the necessary application form.

We are always looking for great teachers.

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