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Pricing Restructure

On the 1st of May we will be changing our pricing structure.

We will be keeping the popular 10 class and 1 month Unlimited pass and doing away with most of the other passes.

The big news is we will be reducing the price of the Ezydebit Direct Pass to $99 per month.

That means if you are currnetly paying $125 / $115 per month your contract as of the 1st of May will now be $99 per month.

 That's just $25 per week

With now even cheaper yoga there's even more reasons to get your arse to class!!


31 Day Challenge

Starts Thursday May 1st


Yes…It’s on again. Practice every day through the month of May  

 Are you feeling like your practice has plateaued?

Are you looking for a challenge?

Do you want to take your practice to the next level?

Are you looking for lasting transformation?


Consistency is the key to your practice. Let's all get down and do some serious yoga

This is an exciting time at the school - classes will be busy

and the energy is always inspiring

The Rules of Engagement

Sign up on or before the 1st of May

There will be a board up at the studio for you to keep track of your classes.

Mark this off daily. You can miss days if you have to. We don’t care how you do it -

As long as you do 31 classes in 31 days...safely

This is not a competition.

The Challenge is an opportunity to go beyond what you would normally do, taking yourself beyond your current levels of awareness and ability. 

If you are currently practicing on a pass, we will hold this pass for the month of May


The 31-day challenge is a separate discounted pass

The 31-day challenge is $130 for the month.

As a special offer to usher in the New Ezydebit pricing, if you would like to join on a membership with Ezydebit we will be offering the

Challenge for only $99.00 (conditioins apply)


 Upon successful completion of the Challenge 

We will give you a 5 Class pass for you or to give to a friend.

30% off your next pass purchase.


Your second month of Ezydebit free



See the video which was shot at the school a few months ago





All 9am classes are by donation.

If you are cashed up maybe donate a little more.

If you are on a tight budget just throw in a gold coin.

I really want you to take advantage of the donation classes.

Come do yoga!!!


 Yoga Beats 


Following on from the success of the 'Yoga Beats' on Saturday night I have decided to run

a class once every second month to music. It will be the first Saturday of the month, the next being Saturday the 3rd of May , 8pm

This class will be for students who have practised Bikram Yoga before.

We will not be having any newcomers in class.

Darren will lead the class in silence. It will be a regular 90 minute class with the usual heat.







 Jagar and Jace take on Youtube


Everyone has been asking to see the boys so I have posted some videos on Youtube.

Search Jagar and Jace or follow the links below.   Just posted.   2/3/14   One of my favorites    5/2/14




Regional Asana Championships.


Congratulations to all that competed in the recent Yoga Comp.

Congratualtions to


1st Place Mark Valenton - Darlinghurst

2nd Place Feliepe Frias - Darlinghurst

3rd Place Olda Belik - Darlinghurst


1st Place Kash Bazil - Brookvale

2nd Place Imelda Gunawan - Darlinghurst

3rd Place Tu Thi Nguyen - Kingston ACT






Teachers Training Apprentice

To assist those students who are thinking about taking their practice to the next level we conduct a teacher training apprenticeship scheme aimed at preparing would be teacher for Bikram's 9 week intensive course. 

As an apprentice you will be required to;

  • attend the advanced class currently reserved for teachers and invited students
  • attend teacher posture clinics where the postures are discussed and dialogue practiced
  • sit in on classes and watch how classes are taught
  • begin learning the required dialogue used in a Bikram yoga class
  • practice at least 4 beginners per week


In return the apprentices will be given;

  • discounted yoga
  • use of the teachers room
  • discounted water/towel purchase


If you are interested in pursuing a career as a Bikram yoga teacher make yourself known to the front desk staff and complete the necessary application form.

We are always looking for great teachers.

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Contact Information

Address: Level 1 & 2, 256 Crown Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010 Phone: +61 2 9356 4999 Fax: +61 2 9356 4955 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.