Covid Safe

At Bikram Yoga Darlinghurst we are here to serve and protect our community. We have implemented a working COVID safety plan to assist us in our high standards. We ask our community to contribute by understanding and following the below guidelines.

  • BOOKING CLASSES Thank you to all of our members for working with the booking system on Mind body to secure classes. We know it’s an adjustment but it also helps us operate the business and plan ahead so please continue on as you are. Contrary to our prior email, bookings open up 7 days in advance. Please be mindful if you do not normally practice 7 days a week, don’t book in 7 days a week. Be diligent about booking, as you will now know spaces fill quickly. Many thanks to the members who have offered up one of their classes to create space for others, this is what the yoga is about. If you have our personal phone numbers please don’t text us as it will likely be forgotten, it is best to email us. [email protected]
  • SATURDAY 5:30PM CLASS To accommodate growing demand we will be adding on the Saturday 5:30pm class from the 18th July, if the class remains at capacity we will keep it on the schedule permanently.
  • LATE CANCELLATION FEES If you need to cancel, please do so 12 hours before. We understand things come up last minute and can make certain exceptions for regular members who we know have a good track record. If you late cancel 3 booked classes in a 30 day period you will be suspended from booking classes for 7 days. We will start to strictly enforce this policy. Continuous late cancellations will begin to incur a $20.00 fee per class charged to your account on file if you are a direct debit member. This isn’t something we want to do but there have been far too many late cancellations not giving others enough time to get into class. If you have a class pass, they will be used.
    It is up to you to know which classes you are booked into and to manage your own schedule. We have many dedicated members and do not want anyone to miss out.
  • Coughing and blowing your nose: If coughing or blowing your nose becomes excessive during class, the teacher will ask you to step outside.
  • Heavy Sweaters: If you are a heavy sweater use extra towels.
  • Outside Clothing: Please go directly to the changing room and leave all outside clothes there. Use all allocated line markings. Once in the hot room stay in the hot room. Surprise yourself and stand somewhere new, it is always good to have a different view, do not fight for your spot, after all it’s yoga.
  • Hand washing: Wash your hands when you come into the studio and after using the bathroom.
  • Temp checks: Will remain in place until further notice.
  • No yoga mats are to be left downstairs, the storage shelving will be dismantled in the next week please take them home with you. 
  • Cleaning your yoga mat: Clean your mat at home with alcohol based solutions or soap and water. Avoid laying your yoga mat out in the lobby area.
  • Commit to the hot room: You will notice most times we have someone opening the hot room door for you prior to class. This is to stop the touching and sharing of a communal surface, it is not for you to enter and exit multiple times before class. Please get everything you need and head in, if you are not ready to go in, don’t go in.

We thank you for your understanding.

Much Love

Marty & Katie 

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