I started doing Bikram yoga 18 years ago. At the time I was more interested in Dragon boating than anything else.

I could see the practice would add to my training regime by giving me better flexibility, adding in stroke length . Avoiding injury

Strengthening my focus during the hard yards of racing.

Then I got hooked. I could not believe how the yoga made me feel overall. I went to Teacher training with Bikram in 1999

and came back to start teaching and running the only school in Australia at the time.

With change in the wind I moved into the city where the Darlinghurst school is today.

I am straight down the line Bikram. I practice consistently and I still love how it makes me feel.

The class is usually tough in some way. But hey.. I could do with a bit of hardening up. hahaha

Come down to my school and make yourself known to me .

Let me know your goals and I will do my very best to help  you achieve that and even a bit more.

Darren Ma