Yoga Etiquette


SHOES: Please do not to wear your shoes in the school. Remove shoes at the stairs. If they are valuable then lock them in the lockers. Wearing thongs in the showers is ok; please remember to take them off after you finish showering.

THE HOT ROOM: The yoga room is a quiet place. Please respect your fellow yogis and keep your conversations outside the hot room. Many students having arrived from a busy day at work are looking to come and unwind with their yoga. If you enter the room before class begins, please always lie with feet facing away from the front mirror in the yoga room.

FRONT ROW: The front row is where you will find the most experienced students practicing. If you are in the front row you are expected to lead by example. You need to be very focused and still. Not diving for your water, not wiping your sweat. Your postures do not need to be perfect but we need for you to have a good understanding of the series to lead the class.

LEAVING THE HOT ROOM: Stay in the class to keep the body temperature steady and to keep the class moving together. We encourage everyone to stay in the hot room for the entire class. Leaving and re-entering causes the body temperature to fluctuate and can be distracting for other students. If you do need leave or re-enter please do so in between postures.

CLASS STARTS ON TIME: Please arrive at the school with plenty of time to get yourself changed and into class. Latecomers will not be permitted. Newcomers need to be at least 10- 15 minutes early.

WATER: We ask that you refrain from drinking water up until the completion of the third posture. The teacher will inform the class of the first water break. After this time you can drink water when needed. Please drink water between postures.

SWEATING: Students that tend to sweat more bring two towels into the hot room. Changing your towel over after the floor series will ensure our carpet is protected. Tip – try not to wipe your sweat. This is what your body is doing to keep you cool. Learn to accept the sweat.

LEAVE NO TRACE: Help keep the studio tidy. Please deposit trash, recycling, mats and towels in their proper place. Bring home your clothes, water bottles and equipment.

SAVASANA: Final Savasana is compulsory. Students must not leave the class until the teacher has left the room.  The traditional benefits of Savasana restore your nervous system to its default settings and offer your mind a chance to sink into meditation. This is precious few minutes that everyone should take the time to enjoy.


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