What You Need To Know

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ATTENDING YOUR FIRST CLASS: All classes are the same so it doesn't matter which class you come to first. Plan to arrive at least 10-15 mins early so you can fill out a registration form and talk with the teacher about any issues you may have. 

BOOKING & PAYMENT: There is no need to book for any of our classes. EFTPOS facilities are available.

WHAT TO WEAR: Wear light exercise wear, shorts and t-shirt are good. It is best not to wear long or flowing garments. Something tight fitting that won't get in the way as you start to move and stretch. Lighter materials are better and seem more suited to the hot room. Be sure to bring a change of clothes.

MATS & TOWELS: We can supply you with a yoga mat for your first class. They are then available for hire; $2.00 or purchase; $40.00. Towels are essential and can be hired for $2.00. You can bring your own mat and towel. Please ensure towel is of 'shower' size.

PREPARATION BEFORE CLASS: Hydrate well before class and bring a bottle of water to sip on during class. We also sell bottles of water at the studio as well as coconut water and sports drinks! Arrive with an empty stomach. Don't eat for at least 2 hours prior to class, it may make you feel nauseous.

ARRIVE ON TIME: Classes start promptly so be sure to arrive on time for class. Check-in for newcomers closes 5 minutes before each class commences so we suggest you arrive early to avoid disappointment. Late arrivals will not be permitted to join the class. Students must notify class teacher if taking prescribed medication or have any recent injuries..

FACILITIES: We have change rooms, showers and lockers for you to use. You can bring your own padlock if you would like to lock the locker or loan one from us for $10.00 deposit. Doors to the centre are locked during each class to ensure the security of your valuables.

WHAT TO EXPECT: We put all the new students in the back row and they follow along, watching other students in front of them and do the best they can. As you become more experienced you move forward to the front rows. The very front row students being the most experienced students in the school. There is a light atmosphere and no pressure to perform. All you need do is your best on that day. And trust me that will vary from class to class.

The class is a demanding series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises suited for both the beginner and more experienced students. The room is heated to around 38°C and each class is 90 minutes in duration - this results in a fairly rigorous workout and it is very common to feel overwelmed or a bit odd during your first visit. At any point you can rest and just watch others until you are ready to start again. It is really up to you to proceed at your own pace. The teachers will point you in the right direction and it is up to you do as much or as little as you desire. It is ok to sit down at any point during the class. Sit rather than lie down.

WHY 1 month unlimited. The reason we introduced the 1 month pass was so that you could do a number of classes in a short period of time and thereby make an informed decision as to what Bikram Yoga is. If you only do one class, trust us, you have no idea what Bikram Yoga is. Generally, we find that new students experience completely different things as they start their yoga journey. We can guarantee you that your second class will be completely different to your first class, and your third class different to your second and so on. This pass can be purchased online or at the studio.

All we ask is that you do your best. A little determination and a little patience will go a long way. Dont be too hard on yourself.

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