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If you are looking for a complete mind and body work out Bikram Yoga Darlinghurst is for you.

With Bikram Yoga at the heart of the “hot yoga” trend, we have been delivering the life changing therapeutic benefits for more than 14 years.

The series moves systematically through the entire body to stimulate every single joint, muscle, ligament, tendon, organ and gland and provide overall health and wellbeing.

We love what we do. Let us help you find yourself again with the age old practice of Yoga.


Welcome Marty and Katie

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September Consistency Challenge

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Hey Guys,
I want to say a big big thank you for all your well wishes and kind words. I am blown away by your messages and comments. You have made me feel loved and special. And that's a really nice feeling. Love Daz xx
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Way to go Dazzy,
No doubt the spirit of your Ethos will continue its legacy at the college, and through the thousands of students you shared your wisdom with.
I'm personally eternally grateful and proud to wear that badge on my sleeve..."I was there!"
Hell yes, there must be a farewell party. RSVP done.
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Hi Darlo Yoga Community,
I started practising Bikram yoga back in 1997. I immediately fell in love with it. I think from the very first class. I came back the very next day for my second class. I then bought a 1 month pass and practised 5/ 6 days a week.
Many people find the practice benefits them in different ways where as I was just hooked on trying to do something that I couldn’t do and I thought that I should be able to do. I didn’t care about cleansing of the body, I didn’t care about the spiritual, mental or emotional benefits I just want to be able to do the postures. Soon I started experiencing the other benefits. I started to just feel different.
At the time I was in the construction industry working as an electrician as I had done for the previous 15 years. Although I enjoyed my job, I was increasingly feeling like I needed to do something else.
At the time there were only 3 girls teaching Bikram yoga in Australia. I could see that there was an opportunity to maybe teach alongside. I had no idea where that would lead me.
After doing the teacher training in Sept of 1999 I came back to Sydney and ran/owned a school with Jodie Robertson. We had started dating just before I went to teacher training. The Harbord School at the time was the only Bikram School in Australia and it was hugely successful.
Jodie and I went our separate ways in 2002. At which point I found the space in Darlinghurst on Crown Street.
Having little money but plenty of energy, dreams and aspirations I decided to open a school and continue teaching. In essence it was the only choice I had given the fact that there were no other schools.
I secured the lease and then worked tirelessly for 7 weeks, 24/7 building the school myself from the ground up. I opened with the first class on March 9th 2002.
From there the school has gone from strength to strength. We have had our up and downs. Certainly more ups than downs. The landscape has changed so much in the last 15 years. I would even go so far as to say that Bikram Yoga has transformed yoga in Australia, revitalising the age old practice. Bringing new students to the discipline that may never have tried it before. Now there are styles of hot yoga everywhere. Hot Pilates, Hot Fusion, Hot Flow in fact hot everything. Bikram Yoga led this revolution.
Now coming to this point in my life it is time for me to move on. I have given my all to Bikram yoga and for me now life is changing.
When I first started I was 37 years old and single. Now at the youthful age of 53 with a beautiful wife and 3 young children my priorities have changed. For me now I find my family is the most important thing in my life and in need of my energies.
With this in mind late last year I discovered a couple who were seeking to become Bikram Yoga school owners. I approached them and we began negotiations.
Just very recently a deal has been struck and they will soon be the new owners of Bikram Yoga Darlinghurst.
Marty and Katie are where I was 15 years ago. They have both been teaching for five years and practising for 10 years. They are young and energetic and ready to take on the running of such an entity as Bikram Yoga Darlinghurst. Since meeting each other, owning a Bikram Yoga school has been a dream they both share. They hold the same vision and values in wanting to stay true to the Bikram Yoga lineage, keeping it hot, hard and therapeutic. I have known others interested in taking on a school but for me they were not quite the right fit whereas Marty and Katie are in my mind a perfect fit. As Marty said to me a little while ago, he feels like he is the next generation to now take the baton and run with it for the future benefit of Bikram Yoga. Music to my heart! Knowing this, I trust them to take on the wonderful Darlinghurst community and they have all my blessings.
I fear as you read these words a whole plethora of uncertainties and fears may develop. I am writing to you at this time to try and allay some of your worries.
The school will continue on as before. You will still have all the same great teachers you have always had. I assure you that won’t change. The school will still be the same in most ways albeit with new heads at the helm.
It is surmised that Marty and Katie will soon start to teach some classes here to have an opportunity to introduce themselves to you guys. I will be on hand to advise and to help them take over with as little upset as possible. Come October 1st they will take full control of the school. I will still be present at that time to continue with any guidance as required till they feel that they have the ropes. I will be present until I feel the school is in safe hands. The time frame of this phase of the handover is uncertain.
I would like to have a party in late September. An occasion to say my goodbyes to you guys and for a welcoming of Marty and Katie. There are going to be tears. hahaha
Please know I love you guys. I have seen so much change in all of you as you have struggled and sweat and had a giggle at my sometime inane stories. I have never taught a class that I didn’t enjoy on some level. Each and every time I have tried to give to you guys what I can in the furthering of your yoga practice, encouraging you to go just that little bit further. You are all remarkable in your own way and I know you will continue as you have always done. That’s why you are still here. Because like I say in class, “you guys are the movers and the shakers, all the rest are at home watching TV on the couch getting fat”. hahahaha
My time here at Darlinghurst has been one of the greatest and most rewarding experiences of my life and I shall never forget this period of my life or the relationships that have been created as we all sweat our collective arses off.
I do fear that some of you will stop your practice with this news. Your continued practice is so much more important that any single person and in fact your continued practice is something that would make my heart sing.
For me this is such a positive step for Bikram Yoga Darlinghurst. Marty and Katie are able to bring a fresh energy to the school. New ideas, new focus. They are so capable and ready to carry the torch and take Bikram Yoga Darlinghurst into the future.
For me I am moving to the Sunshine Coast. My family is already there settling in. I am situated about 10 minutes from the Caloundra Bikram Yoga School where I will continue to teach with my sister Belle.
I really am looking forward to the next stage of my life. My entire family is nearby which is so good for my boys as they grow up. Family is so important and I plan to make full use of their proximity.
I will be back from time to time to fill a few guest teaching spots, maybe a posture clinic or the like.
Keep an eye out for the farewell /welcoming party in September. I hope you can make it.
Until then come and chat with me about anything that is going on for you. Let me know if I can assist in any way with this transition period.
Like I said previously you are all special to me, each and every one of you, and a little part of each of you resides inside me. Words cannot express the connections I have with you.
Wish me well as I set off into the unknown. Like Jean Luc Picard from the Starship Enterprise once said in the last episode upon the conclusion of the 7 year series,
“I will see you …out there”
p.s keep locking the knee (I had to put that in there somewhere )
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