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If you are looking for a complete mind and body work out Bikram Yoga Darlinghurst is for you.

With Bikram Yoga at the heart of the “hot yoga” trend, we have been delivering the life changing therapeutic benefits for more than 14 years.

The series moves systematically through the entire body to stimulate every single joint, muscle, ligament, tendon, organ and gland and provide overall health and wellbeing.

We love what we do. Let us help you find yourself again with the age old practice of Yoga.

$59 for 30 Days
Unlimited Classes!


An Interactive Posture refinement class and Q&A with Amrei

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June 3rd 2017 Soul Vibing at BYD with the Gong Guru 7:30-9:30pm

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Apparently she is a yoga instructor?
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1-What is your favorite thing about being a Bikram Yoga instructor?
Being a part of such an awesome community & the inspiration I get from my students. Watching them transform physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and having the privilege of celebrating that journey with them - best job in the world.

2-Which posture is most challenging for you and how do you get through it?
Standing Bow pulling pose! (Dandayamana Dhanurasana). It's right after Standing head to knee & I feel like I've just given everything I have to give and OMG here we go again! My progress feels so measured in this posture.
Getting through it? - Bring it back to now, breathe, focus, kick, kick, kick & make up my mind not to give up.....(also visualizing/day dreaming that maybe I'll look like Katie & Imelda in this posture one day! haha )

3-What do you do for fun outside of teaching yoga?
Discovering new places & things, & anything social or outdoors; music concerts, hiking, beach, walks in the park with my dog Charlie.
I've also just started drawing with water color as a bit of a fun/creative outlet in my downtime.

4-What quote do you live by?
The universe is not punishing you or blessing you. The universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting.

5-What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I'm really into 18th century poetry!
.....That's not true at all.
I recently completed a 12 day hike to Everest Base Camp & back! - life changing!

6-Who is on the guest list for your ideal dinner party?
Alan Watts, Paramahansa Yogananda, Prof Brian Cox, Ryan Reynolds & my Bestie - Ali.
Can you imagine the conversation?
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July student of the month- Meet Glen Whiteman

1-Why did you start BY?
The main reason why I started practicing Bikram was that I had reached a point in my life where I felt I needed a "circuit breaker" to the cycle of bad habits and self abuse that I had put myself through over the last 20 years or so, overworking, various substance abuses, poor diet, unhealthy relationships, physical and mental trauma suffered, all come to mind. Each breath I take and each posture I do are helping to reverse, rewind, and reset my past to give a chance of a more tranquil healthy and relaxed future. Learning to live in the moment is an ongoing challenge and I am learning to do this by my regular practice.

2-What benefits do you gain from the series?
My health and wellbeing both mentally & physically have improved tremendously since I began practicing regularly. I think I gain very tiny incremental improvements each day. Also, as I eliminate my destructive habits this also seems to add to the benefits gained.

3-What advice would you give to newcomers?
Don't rush at your practice to begin with. Learn and develop patience because BY doesn't deliver instant results, they are incremental. Take time to build a regular practice, and give your body and mind a chance to adapt to the challenge of the heat in the room. If you can overcome this then BY can be life changing.

4-How has the yoga positively affected your life thus far?
I have faced a number of traumatic situations and outcomes in my life so far. Some I haven't dealt with very well at all. Yoga is very physically and mentally challenging, and by completing a regular practice I feel I am better armed with mental and physical toughness to retain stillness & calmness throughout my day and in all situations, stressful or otherwise.

5-What is that you liked about BYD?
BYD is my daily haven to escape to after finishing work. My day winds down with a walk through Hyde Park, then upstairs to BY as I shed the daily stress of life leading into the 7.15pm session. All the teachers at BYD are friendly and enthusiastic, and each has a unique style of teaching which makes each class enjoyable and interesting.The atmosphere at Darlo is also refreshingly down to earth which is great.
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  • September 2016 we will be building the habit of consistencyhellip
  • 50 yogis have embraced a new challenge for the monthhellip
  • One of our rockstar teachers im3l79 rocking out street photohellip
  • Posture Clinic Standing Series with Daz  Sunday September 25thhellip
  • The consistency challenge is due to finish on October 2hellip

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