Esak Garcia Workshop and Class Sunday April 23/2017

Esak is a master of the yoga craft and has been practicing Bikram yoga since 1994. He became a teacher in 2001 and not long after became International Yoga Champion. Esak leads clinics and yoga demonstrations around the world sharing his vast knowledge explaining and...

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March 2017 Student of the month Fan Reid

Student of the month – Meet Fan Reid My name is Fan (also known as Janet). I am 46, married with a young son and I started Bikram Yoga eight months ago after a minor knee injury in my ballet class. My father-in-law who used to be a doctor for the Australian Ballet...

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February 2017 Student of the month Lucie Fishwick

Meet Lucy Fishwick, I first joined Bikram yoga around 2 years ago at Bikram Yoga Northern Beaches in Warriewood. I was a young 20 year old and had no idea what to expect! My relationship with Bikram got off to a rocky start, I hated it actually!! Every class was a...

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January 2017 Student of the Month Shyan Tonga

Shyan Tonga; I first heard about Bikram Yoga 6yrs ago from a random stranger I met in Burleigh Heads on the GC.  My life had turned upside and I was travelling and living in my car. My relationship was on the rocks and almost over. I had just found out that I had a...

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November 2016 Student of the Month David Baker

What a journey it has been; after suffering excruciating back ache and spending $$$ on chiropractors I was encouraged to try Bikram after a chance meeting with a Yoga Teacher on a cooking holiday in Italy back in 2010.  I raced back from overseas, inspired in more...

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Mr Kombucha now available

What’s better than a HOT yoga class? Cooling down after class with a healthy, refreshing and ice cold bevy. Kombucha with its 2000 year Asian origins, is an effervescent, fermented tea that is celebrated worldwide for its revitalising, detoxifying and general...

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Welcome Marty and Katie

Dearest Darlo Community, It is such a pleasure to write this note to you all. As some of you have heard the news, my partner, Katie and I are beyond thrilled to carry forth the Bikram Yoga Darlinghurst torch. You may have seen us around the studio over the last few...

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Why the Kick

Why the kick? This article could well be called why the pull or why the push or even why lock the knee. It’s not actually the performance of the action that I will talk about here but moreover what the performance of the action will create. During class you will be...

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