What’s On at Darlo This Spring

  HELLO DARLO YOGIS Some of the busiest social months are coming up, and we just wanted to give you a heads up on our next few events so you do not miss out. But first of all …   POSTURE FOCUS - EAGLE POSE The third posture of the series is eagle pose. It is an...

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Benefits of Bikram for entrepreneurs, a Testimonial

Recently one of our students published an interesting article about the benefits of Bikram Yoga in his personal and professional life. Javier shares his personal experience and enlists the positive outcomes he has encountered since practising Bikram. Bikram has given...

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Why the Kick

Why the kick? This article could well be called why the pull or why the push or even why lock the knee. It’s not actually the performance of the action that I will talk about here but moreover what the performance of the action will create. During class you will be...

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