February 2018 Darlo Newsletter

Events Coming up at Darlo!!!   There are some cool things happening over the next few weeks, we are keeping the yoga hot and the community vibes cool!         Mardi Gras 2018 ♥ Please join us for a very special Mardi Gras celebration this year. It...

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Mr Kombucha now available

What’s better than a HOT yoga class? Cooling down after class with a healthy, refreshing and ice cold bevy. Kombucha with its 2000 year Asian origins, is an effervescent, fermented tea that is celebrated worldwide for its revitalising, detoxifying and general...

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Why the Kick

Why the kick? This article could well be called why the pull or why the push or even why lock the knee. It’s not actually the performance of the action that I will talk about here but moreover what the performance of the action will create. During class you will be...

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